W imieniu naszego partnera z Indii, zapraszamy innowacyjne start-up’y z branży rolno-spożywczej, do współpracy z Accenture Ventures India:


Dear Sir/Madam,

Accenture Ventures aims to recognize and collaborate with leading deep-tech SMEs and startups in the Agri-tech space. With a focus on enabling better livelihood and working conditions for the farmer and improving yield, few key areas have been identified. These include precision farming, data analytics in agriculture, farm services and fintech services in agriculture. This call is be being facilitated by Global Business Inroads (GBI).

Possible forms of collaboration with the SMEs and Startups:

  • GTM/ Partnership
  • Potential for investment by clients of Accenture

Accenture ventures will provide support to the shortlisted / selected startups by offering access to relevant clients from its global 2000 clients. Startups will also have the opportunity to join the Accenture Ventures Open Innovation Partner Program through which they will be able to collaborate with Accenture to co-innovate and co-create assets/ solutions for clients across the globe. Startups will have access to the Accenture Innovation hub in Bengaluru and will also be mentored by Accenture leaders, introduced to top industry/ government forums and recommended for investment/ partnerships with partner VCs and CVCs.

Deadline for applications – 31st  March 2020

Additional detail of the open innovation call can be found here: Innovation Call

Application process:

  1. Please register on Global Technology Interface, using the following link (www.globaltechinterface.com) and “Sign Up” as a “ Technology Displayer”.
  2. Once registered please follow instructions to apply for the call on the “Innovation Call” page.
  3. Startups will need to fill in and upload the attached questionnaire to provide details about the company and the technology/ service.

Selection Criteria:

1.       Scalability:

a. The startup must offer a Deep-tech solution in the Agri-tech space

b. The startup should follow a B2B or B2B2C model

2.       Maturity:

a.       The startup must have achieved product market fit and be ready for Series A/ Series B round

b.      The startup must have annual revenue of USD 1 – 5 Million

c.       The startup must be working with Enterprise Clients in India or similar markets


Contact person:

Harsha Lingam

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Golden Square, 53/A, 16 C Main

4 Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034, India

T: +91 80 42613057    M: +91 9482529497

E: hlingam@globalbusinessinroads.com

Skype: harsha.lingam





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